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Police ‘kaku’ of Murshidabad giving free English coaching to students

25 August, 2019 02:45:20
Police ‘kaku’ of Murshidabad giving free English coaching to students

Imagine a police officer taking out time from his duty, trying to teach children of villages English, so that later in life they would turn confident and smart to face the urban world of competition. Well, this is not a scene from a movie, but the real life tale of a police officer, who has been inspiring students of an area in Murshidabad.

Samit Talukdar is officer-in-charge of Raninagar, an area of Murshidabad that is primarily rural. Everyone in the area calls Talukdat ‘Police kaku’ for he has really worked like a dear uncle to many children of the area. Talukdar had noticed that students of rural schools were good in subjects like Mathematics and Science but when it came to English, they would shy away. He also realized knowing the language will be very important for these children in future. So he took the initiative to start weekend schools within the police barrack itself, where at times he too teaches personally. There are also two English teachers who have been employed.

The villagers are happily sending their kids to Police Kaku’s school and the children are also learning fast. Some of them are even speaking to Talukdar in English! Well, that is achievement indeed!

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