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Pui Ilish of Noakhali

8 October, 2017 11:18:38
Pui Ilish of Noakhali

With the monsoons officially leaving Bengal, markets are still flooded with the queen of fishes that any Bengali will die for --- Hilsa or Ilish. Pui Saag is also something you get in abundance during this part of the year. Get Bengal brings you some lesser known recipes from different districts of Bangladesh, to help you celebrate this ‘Hilsa season’ with a difference. Watch the rain clouds, get some Pui Saag and prepare this simple recipe of Pui Ilish of Noakhali.

Pui Ilish




8 pieces

Chopped onions  



half a cup

Haldi powder

half teaspoon


1 teaspoon

Pui  Saag

half kg

Chilli powder

1 teaspoon

How to make:   
1.    Smear the fish with haldi, chilli powder, and fry them. 
2.    Wash the PuiSaag with both the leaves and the stems intact. 
3.    Mix all the spices with chopped onion and fry the PuiSaag in it. Then add some water to it and let it boil.
4.    Once it starts to boil add the fish pieces and chilli.
5.    Then in another kadai shallow fry in oil some chopped ginger and onion.
6.    Add salt for taste and this fried ginger and onion to the boiling PuiSaagand fish pieces.
7.    Once prepared, serve this simple dish with hot rice.

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