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Real Heroes of Bengal – Policemen donating blood daily

16 April, 2020 02:41:57
Real Heroes of Bengal – Policemen donating blood daily

COVID-19 has not just killed and made people fall sick, it has given rise to a plethora of other grave problems from financial, educational and to health issues of non-COVID population who might be having some ailment or the other. Take for example Thalessaemia patients of West Bengal, a state that has one of the highest number of such patients who need regular blood transfusion to keep them alive. Since the Lockdown and social distancing started, it was next to impossible for organisers of blood donation camps to carry on with such events. As a result every blood bank was suffering as regular supply of blood was hampered.

Keeping this in mind, the police force of the state came forward. They are the Corona fighters on the ground too, trying to enforce strict law and order and barring rogue people from venturing out even during Lockdown. Under the instructions of Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, everyday a blood donation camp is going on at Netaji Indoor Stadium, and daily around 1100 bottles of blood is being acquired. This blood donation camp will continue for a month and every policeman from every battalion of West Bengal Police is participating in this camp rotation wise. The blood given by them is a lifeline for several patients who need it as a live saver. Kudos to West Bengal Police for giving their blood to save humanity at this hour of crisis.   

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