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Reconnect missing child beggars of Kolkata to families!

15 August, 2019 22:08:22
Reconnect missing child beggars of Kolkata to families!

Many a time that child crying in the laps of a woman begging for alms at the street crossing might have raised sympathy in you. Hardly you knew however that the beggar child is probably a child missing or lifted from some home and trafficked to join the begging business of Kolkata. To save such children and reunite them with their families, a facebook movement has started in Kolkata known as ‘No More Missing.’ You can also be a part of this movement. How?

If ever you come across such a begging child, just click their photographs and upload them on the ‘No More Missing’ page mentioning the city and your location from where the photograph was clicked. The team of the NGO will then connect with the picture and those of missing children. In this way they have rescued almost 13,000 children in the recent past, who had been forced into poverty, and the flourishing begging gangs of Kolkata. 

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