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Robots will check Corona patients in Kolkata hospital

24 May, 2020 02:25:45
Robots will check Corona patients in Kolkata hospital

To ensure the safety of doctors, nurses and medical staff, many of whom are getting affected by COVID-19 while treating Corona patients, AMRI Salt Lake has introduced a near contact-less checking and treatment of COVID-19 patients in their specially designed Corona wards. These robots are operated through remotes and hence can be controlled from a distance.

They are made by a US based company and will help maintain a distance between the patients and doctors to a large extent. The robots are around 4 feet in height and can straight walk beside the beds of COVID patients helping to do different medical check ups and follow instructions of doctors and nurses who will control them from a distance. However, if there is any urgent need of a sudden presence of a doctor, they will be physically attending to patients. This is primarily done to reduce the exposure of the medical staff to COVID patients. 

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