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Rosogolla made out of rice!

13 February, 2019 21:11:42
Rosogolla made out of rice!

Bengalis have a bond with rice that cannot be fathomed. There is hardly any Bengali household where rice is not considered a staple diet. Bhaat and that Bhaat Ghoom are indispensable connections with Bangaliyana. These days, lives have become busier. We often depend on restaurant meals, as a result, the rice that you have cooked with great care often remains frozen in the refrigerator for many days and we forget about it completely. By the time we remember about its presence in corner of the refrigerator, it is too late. The rice is in no state to be consumed. The very thought of throwing away rice makes us upset. But do you know that instead of throwing away rice, you can utilize it by making a highly delectable sweet out of this stored rice? And that’s none other than Rice Rosogolla!

Here is how you can make Rice Rosogolla


A spoon of flour
A spoon of powdered milk
A spoon of ghee
1.5 cups of sugar
Three cups of water


• Take rice in a bowl first.  Grind the rice well.
• Make a good paste by putting it in the mixer. Then pour ghee on a frying pan. Put the rice paste in the pan.
• Stir the rice paste in low fame. As soon as the colour becomes golden, turn off the gas. 
• Take another bowl and pour flour and powdered milk there. Mix it well with the paste rice.
• Now make tiny dough balls out of the mixture. Make sugar syrup in another bowl.  
• Now put the dough balls in the sugar syrup. After ten minutes, make sure that syrup is filtered and take out the dough balls. 

Your rice rosogolla is ready to be devoured. Who knows, it might even taste better than rosogollas made of chana

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