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Saira Shah Halim on Triple Talaq

23 August, 2017 05:29:14
Saira Shah Halim on Triple Talaq

Today is indeed a monumental day, not just for Muslim women, but for all women in India. It is a big stepping stone for establishing gender equality and safeguarding interests of women. The Supreme Court has put an injunction of six months on the draconian practice of pronouncing Triple Talaq in one sitting by Muslim men, either by writing or by oral pronouncement.

The six months gap is however the real testing time, as it will give ample time and scope for the Parliament to frame a new Bill. All stakeholders to the issue will get a chance to clear the cobwebs and to remove the jurisprudential hurdles. This is needed to frame a new law. Now we must wait and see how far it gets implemented at the ground level. But indeed, the first stepping stone has been a grand success!

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