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Saving RD Burman’s house in South End Park built by Sachin karta

10 July, 2019 04:06:13
Saving RD Burman’s house in South End Park built by Sachin karta

A grand building stands on 36/1 South End Park. It no more looks like it was once upon a time, rather it is in a shabby state and has been bought by someone. Yet this is a house where legendary musician and composer Sachin Dev Burman and his son Rahul Dev lived. In a welcome move, after the 80th birthday of RD Burman, the West Bengal Heritage Commission has proposed to name the street on which the house stands as Dev Burman Sarani and also to talk with the present owner and try to convert it to a museum in memory of the legends.

The house has a rich history. Sachin Dev Burman built this grand old mansion in 1946 and lived here till 1952. After this he moved to Mumbai but often came down to Kolkata. RD Burman also spent a sizeable portion of his childhood till almost 15 years in this house. Any iconic songs were composed here and many stalwarts of the music world from Ustad Allauddin Khan, Guru Dutt, Salil Chowdhury to Hemanta Mukherjee frequented this house. The Heritage Commission has written a letter to KMC and the Mayor to take up the issue immediately and also try and set up a museum with exhibitions on the legendary duo.

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