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Service to the nation stood above marriage for this Purulia jawan!

17 March, 2019 04:10:32
Service to the nation stood above marriage for this Purulia jawan!

“We cannot afford to get married right now. There should not be any problem if we postpone the date of marriage. Right now, protecting my motherland is far more important. Do you agree?” Rajesh Gope of Purulia was supposed to come all the way to his native village of Mouladanga to get married to Krishna. Even the wedding Benarasi saree was bought, and so were the jewellery. But call of duty to protect the borders and the country was supreme. Not just this armed force personnel, but even his would-be-bride Krishna, stood by him. They postponed the marriage and their personal dreams to give priority to Rajesh’s professional life.

Krishna said: “Try and save the country. That must be your priority for now.” All the preparations for the forthcoming wedding were thus put on hold. Rajesh Gope took up his automatic rifle, while 1800 kilometers away from him, his would-be-bride Krishna stood by his dreams, proud of the man she would marry someday.

Son of a farmer, since childhood, Rajesh had harboured the dream of joining the Indian Army. After getting through the examination, he got his first job as an Army jawan last year and got posted in Pathankot. Soon after getting the job, his family decided to get him married to a girl called Krishna from neighbouring village of Loulara. Krishna is a second-year student of geography honors in a college. After discussions for more than a year, March 12 was decided as the wedding day. Both the families were more than elated. The shopping had also started. Be it the bride’s jewllery and sari or the groom’s dhoti, everything was ready. The wedding menu was also fixed. Rajesh’s leave was also granted. He was supposed to arrive in Kolkata on March 10 and leave for Purulia directly for his marriage that would be just two days away. 

But this was the time when terrorists attacked the CRPF convoy at Pulwama. Leave of all army personnel got cancelled as tension heightened. Rajesh knew the wedding date had to be pushed back, for him his country stood first. He immediately calledhis home and informed them that it was impossible for him to get married for the time being. The next phone call was made to his in-law’s house. He requested them to postpone the date of their marriage. His in-lawswere a little nervous and did not know how to react. So, he had a direct conversation with Krishna. Krishna stood by him and asked him to focus on his duty. She also assured that the marriage could wait for the sake of the country. All the arrangements for the wedding were made. All the guests had been invited. But deferring the date of the marriage changed nothing for the families. The in-laws take immense pride in Rajesh’s sincerity and integrity for the nation. So do his parents. Most importantly, his partner – Krishna has been extremely supportive and stood by the jawan like a strong pillar. After all, that is what love is all about, be it love for your partner or love for your nation.

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