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State Government delivers nutritious meals for COVID families at your doorstep

10 January, 2022 16:56:22
State Government delivers nutritious meals for COVID families at your doorstep

Kolkata ushered in New Year with gusto and now the city is in the throes of a third wave of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which may last well into February. The situation looks grim as the infection is spreading like wildfire and infection from one family member is affecting other members of the family. This is creating a curious problem as everyone in the family goes into home isolation. A balanced diet is required for those who are suffering and home delivery of nutritious food is the only option left for the sick.

Now, the West Bengal Government Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (WBCADC), an autonomous organization under the Panchayat and Rural Development Department, has started home delivery of cooked food for Covid-infected patients and their families and all one needs to do to avail this service is just a WhatsApp! This has been made possible under the guidance of our Hon’ble CM Mamata Banerjee. The move comes with a sharp rise of positive cases in Kolkata and its adjoining areas. A balanced diet is very important for those who are suffering from Covid. The raw materials are produced in the government’s farms and are 100 per cent organic. The food is simple and nutritious, avoiding excess spices and oil, so that it is perfectly suited for patients and elderly people. A variety of winter vegetables and fruits have been made an integral part of the platter. The preparation of the food has been outsourced to women self-help groups (SHGs) who are cooking in sanitized kitchens, under strict hygienic conditions. Meals are served both at noon and at night and the service is available every day of the week.

During the first phase of the lockdown, the WBCADC took the initiative to set up make-shift kiosks close to residential complexes in Kolkata and sell seasonal fruits, vegetables and other food items. The initiative was very well-received and so the department decided to continue the project. The produce sold from the counters are all procured from the department's own farms. This year, with the advent of Omicron, a super-spreader variant of Covid-19, a majority of the population is getting infected rapidly. The large number of nuclear families has further compounded the problem and it is becoming more and more difficult for the sick family member to cook and provide a balanced diet for others while struggling with the infection. The WBCADC’s initiative has been taken to provide relief and balanced diet to all families who want cooked ready-to-eat delivered to their homes.  


What's on offer in the food menu? The traditional Bengali platter is available and provision for continental food has also been arranged. The Bengali platter comprises boiled rice, kalai/ biuli  dal (black gram), aloo bhaja (crispy fried potato), chicken stew with papaya, chutney and fruit and is priced at Rs 200 per plate. The Continental menu, on the other hand, includes grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, brown or white rice and fruit. The price is Rs 150 per plate. Nutritious vegetables rich in minerals like bell pepper, capsicum and lettuce are used extensively the cooking. Antioxidant-rich fruits like strawberries or kiwis are included in the platter. 

Orders can be placed through WhatsApp numbers -- 8170887794 and 9163312808. Another number will be added for the convenience of customers soon. Cash on delivery or anyone can make payment online if desired. Lunch should be ordered by 10 pm the day before. Dinner must be ordered by 12 noon that day. Lunch will be delivered between 12 noon and 2 pm and dinner between 7 pm and 9 pm. Although the system has been introduced in Kolkata for the time being, it will be considered in the suburbs in the future.

The delivery area is from Airport (Gate 1) to Garia along EM Bypass and from Dunlop in the north to Behala in the south which covers Kolkata and Bidhannagar-New Town in entirety. In Howrah, delivery will be available till Nabanna.

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