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The Sweeter the Better- Mom’s Bakery

31 December, 2020 16:33:14
The Sweeter the Better- Mom’s Bakery

The pandemic was not just about loss of jobs, deaths and migrant workers walking miles to return home. It was also a story of hope and new beginnings, bringing about new entrepreneurship zeal and talents among many, who were in some other profession and or even new starters. Home-baking turned out to be a booming business for many entrepreneurs as customers preferred products from the safety and sanitized environment of the home, compared to shops.

Sudhasri Mukherjee, who runs Mom’s Bakery, initially baked cakes for her family, mainly daughters. Family circles and friends urged her to start her business. Just ahead of COVID 19, she started baking professionally since January 2020. Sudhasri was a finance professional, but could not continue her career after childbirth due to family responsibilities. Her daughter’s love for cakes prompted her to try hands on baking. Her hobby turned into a profession but she chose to take a professional course before starting. That was her transition from a self-taught baker to a home baker and a new entrepreneur.

“In the initial months, during lockdown in March, I hardly got one or two orders. Things changed and my business picked up after Unlock 1.0, specially in July. It is due to COVID, people preferred home-made cakes, where health and hygiene standards are high. I take special care about sanitized environment and cleanliness. I think my USP is good quality ingredients-right from butter to chocolates. Sometimes there are requests for customization and I also provide such customization for small cakes as well,” Sudhasri said. The pandemic has helped her positively, as she could establish a steady flow of clients very fast compared to other home bakers who started much before. As she signs off saying: “For me the pandemic worked as a boon and my flow of orders are regular and around 15-20 per month.” 

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