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Turkisyano – first Turkish ice-cream outlet of Kolkata

20 September, 2019 02:07:01
Turkisyano – first Turkish ice-cream outlet of Kolkata

Turkish Dondurma or ice-cream is different, very different from the ones we have in Kolkata. They are sweet, creamy, stretchy and sticky at the same time. This stretchy stickiness is due to the inclusion of an aromatic resin called mastic. In addition to mastic, Dondurma’s recipe is based on milk and sugar, and thickened with salep, a special type of powdered orchid bulb.

That very ‘different’ Turkish ice-cream is available in a dizzying array of flavours at Kolkata’s first Turkish ice-cream outlet Turkisyano. Cacao, plain and pistachio flavored Turkish ice-cream, fruit flavoured ones laced with hazelnut and pistachio. But what is unique about the Turkish ice-cream is the way it is served to the client. 

The Fez-capped men wearing traditional robes entertain the buyer ringing their bells with the long dondurma scoop. The cheeky ice-cream sellers trick young and old alike, by passing the scoop of ice-cream from cone to cone while the buyer’s hand tries eagerly (and fails) to catch it. And indeed that’s a delight to watch. Turkisyano has added local flavours also to suit to the taste of the city. They are experimenting with varieties like Black Diamond, Chocolate and the Desi Paan.

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