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What is so special about counselling special children?

1 September, 2019 02:04:52
What is so special about counselling special children?

Ironical as it may sound but even if we say we are all born as One, still we are all different. We are all Special in some way or the other. So, you can imagine the children we label as differently abled how truly special they are. I have been spending time with these kids for last 7 years and after much close and personal interaction, I have understood that if there is anything on this earth which is closest to God, it’s these kids.

No malignancy in their thoughts. No bias. No distortion of character. They are the purest form of humanity one can find. What is most interesting about them that no matter how hard you try they do not understand Money (which is as we all know the main reason for all the vices in our society). They only understand the language of love at its purest and truest form. In fact, they have come to teach us the love we have all forgotten. They are the ones laughing at us seeing our pettiness as we make fun of them and ridicule them and call them ‘mad’ at times. They still smile in order to remind us gently nothing will last forever!

Seeing such a kid in my own family was an eye opener. I realized the amount of change such a child can bring and the humongous effort the parents, specially the mother has to go through to raise such a child. Still the society doesn’t look at them with the empathy and shows only sympathy. I want to create a support group among parents, so that they can share their views and carry on with their efforts. 

I interact with such families regularly. After interacting on one to one basis across all sections of society there is only one major worrying thought --- what will happen to these children after their parents die as the State doesn't even recognize their existence. I’m working in that direction and my first step is to form a support group for such parents. 

For more you can drop in at: 
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