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Why singer Mohan Singh never had a big fan following?

19 May, 2020 02:00:32
Why singer Mohan Singh never had a big fan following?

Singer Mohan Singh has always chosen difficult songs. Was it that the audience too found them difficult to comprehend and hence Mohan Singh’s fan following happens to be lesser than that of his contemporary Rabindrasangeet singers? In his own words Mohan Singh says: “I never sing for the audience, rather I sing for myself and love singing difficult numbers, those that have tough classical notes. Frankly, I know I do not have a big audience for my songs, I am not that popular and that’s why my songs do not sell. So, I work as a teacher at Visva Bharati. That takes care of my bread and butter. For me riyaaz is supreme.”

But is there anything called difficult songs? After all, singing cannot be taught like parrot talk. Usually it is seen most artists can carry on 100 songs with ease, but the minute a song comes with a tad bit tough taal like Aara Chautal, many get a bit perturbed. But to Mohan Singh, songs, taal, tune and rhythm come naturally, they need to be mastered and practiced. Mohan Singh has always loved singing lesser-known songs like instead of Bhalobashi Bhalobashi, he loves singing numbers like Jagey nath jochhona rate. For such songs bring Tagore closer to Mohan Singh and somehow he feels the poet’s expression better while singing such songs.

Mohan Singh has many followers among students of Rabindrasangeet. He feels the right rendition of songs can come with setting of the right mood and as for gharana --- it is only one – Rabindranath. Follow him and the music will automatically be made. 

Transcribed from an original interview of Mohan Singh Khangura taken by Arpita Chatterjee

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