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With the monsoon still hovering, try some Ilish Paturi

21 September, 2019 00:37:18
With the monsoon still hovering, try some Ilish Paturi

Well, this is no fight over fishes. But battle of spices! With the pattering raindrops, Hilsa catch in Bengal goes up. The ilshey guri, makes way for better hilsa spawning and netting. Many of us must have tried Bekti paturi at home. But the forgotten recipe of Ilish Paturi of Bangladesh has a different tangy taste, not just of mustard, but a dash of our all-time-favourite pui saag. Get Bengal brings you some lesser known recipes from different districts of Bangladesh, to help you celebrate this ‘Hilsa season’ with a difference. Watch the rain clouds, get some Pui Saag from the market and use them as wrappers.

Ilish Paturi


Ilish 1kg
Chopped onions 2 cups
Green chillies 5-7
Oil half a cup
Ginger garlic paste  2 teaspoon
Haldi powder 1 teaspoon
Cumin paste 1 teaspoon
Corriander powder 1 teaspoon
Pui Saag leaves As wrappers

How to make:

1) Remove the head of the fish and cut big pieces.

2) Wash the Pui leaves..

3) Mix all the spices with the chopped onion.

4) Smear the fish pieces with the above mixed spice and onion combo.

5) Then tie each piece with a Pui leaf and a clean thread.

6) Add salt for taste.

7) Shallow fry these fish pieces in leaves on simmering flame and serve hot with rice. 

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