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Burdwan Medical College doctors perform first ever uretero-duodenal fischula operation of India

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Shaikh Rafiqul Islam was just 8 years old when his parents realised their son has a rare ailment as a result of which food that he takes in comes out of the urinary tract along with his urine. This condition not only created immense pain for Rafiqul but as he grew up it turned life threatening. His mother Nurjahan Bibi has run from pillar to post and none of the doctors anywhere could give her any hope.

Now Rafiqul is around 23 and was almost on his death-bed, when his mother reached out to the doctors of Burdwan Medical College who took up his case as a challenge. Dr Narendranath Mukherjee under whom the patient was admitted realised he had some structural anomaly and performed a CT scan Urography that showed a part of his alimentary canal was perforated through which the food directly went into the urinary tract because he had a pipe that went directly from the duodenal wall to the ureter. So the doctors realised the only way to save Rafiqul was to perform a rare operation to plug the perforation. 

Dr Madhusudhan Chatterjee and Dr Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya were roped in. The operation went on for 2 hours and was successful. In last 100 years only 11 such cases have been reported from around the world.