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Food for Plastic! Siliguri NGOs find innovative way to make city’s poor give up plastic 

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Plastic menace is the primary concern for all major cities of Bengal particularly for overcrowded cities like Siliguri. Plastics thrown anywhere and everywhere are not just leading to land pollution, but also clogging drains. Under such circumstances two NGOs of Siliguri have come up with an innovative idea. 

Nishkam Khalsa Seva along with Goethel’s School Alumni have been very active in Siliguri on various social projects. Now they have opened stalls on Hill Cart Road where a proper meal will be served for free to beggars, ragpickers and other poor people who will deposit 500 gms of plastic. This will not only ensure free meals for those who probably are too poor to afford it, but will also ensure Siliguri town is comparatively plastic free. The meal includes rice, dal, curry and papad with chutney.