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IIT student Debayan Saha’s Minus 2.5 to combat Delhi pollution this winter

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Diwali is just over, but the smog and air pollution keeps rising. Be it Kolkata or be it Delhi, the pollution has gone to such a level that even doctors are asking morning walkers to stay indoors. The worst pollutant in most Indian cities are the suspended particulate matter that is calculated in parts per million. They can cause anything from respiratory distress to cancer. Debayan Saha, ex-student of IIT has come up with a technology to combat this pollution and the best part is one does not need to use water to blow out the dust (which was the usual practice). In an era of ‘Save Water’ water is so precious that beating the dust with water cannot be a solution. 

The technology used by Saha is called Minus 2.5. This machine itself will produce dust particles less that 2.5 ppm size that will be ejected. But these particles are special. They have a magnetic property by which they will attract and draw all dust particles towards it and suck it into the machine. It will attract all kinds of particles, big and small and can be placed in cars to stop vehicular pollution. Even the exhaust coming out from cars can be made pollution free in the process.