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Kolkata comes up with new eco-friendly utensils made of lotus and maize leaves!

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To fight plastic menace, Kolkata has come up with an innovative idea of making utensils from leaves of lotus, sal, maize and sugarcane. This is a big leap towards sustainable development as these leaves are easily available in different districts of Bengal and making utensils from them can lead to income and job generation in the rural economy. 

Bengal is a land where a lot of such plants including banana, sal, lotus and sugarcane are available. They are grown almost in every village. As a result, their leaves are widely available and can be easily used to manufacture plates, bowls and glasses. These leaves are not just non-pollutant and bio-degradable, they also have their own set of health benefits. Markets in Shyambazar, Natun Bazar are all selling such utensils and even eateries and restaurants in districts are using such plates.