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Rs 3 lakh bank loan to feed stray dogs! Meet Kalyani’s Nilanjana Biswas who feeds meat and rice to 400 dogs daily

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She spends almost Rs 40,000 a month to feed hundreds of stray dogs. And the meals can fit even a king, meat and rice cooked to perfection. Well, home-maker Nilanjana Biswas of Kalyani is a messiah for strays. To meet the huge expenses of feeding them such sumptuous meals daily, Biswas has even taken a loan Rs 3 lakh 30,000 and even sold her gold ornaments worth Rs 2 lakh. That is her passion, something unheard of. Not just feeding them, she even takes care of their health issues and takes them to vets when needed. 

Biswas has even employed 3 persons to help her in feeding so many dogs daily. Since childhood, Biswas had immense love for animals and birds and often would tend sick animals back to health. In her home she has a separate kitchen for cooking dog food. The kitchen also has a special fridge to store the huge amount of meat that the dogs have. But Biswas is concerned about the future of her army of dogs. She is a patient of diabetes and heart ailment. ‘What will happen to my stray friends after I die?’ she laments. But as long as she is alive, the dogs are really having a gala time.