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State government launches Patha Bandhu app for accident victims

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A new app that can be downloaded on your smartphone will start before the Puja. Named as Patha Bandhu app, this new technological application will ensure a medical team reaches an accident victim quickly, specially accidents that happen on Highways. Many a time, victims die on their way to hospitals as the news of accidents on deserted highways and help reach late.

So, the state government will choose dhabas and restaurants every 15 km and will give basic education in first aid and preliminary methods to handle accident victims to those who run the dhabas. This will ensure if an accident occurs, the first medical assistance can be given to the victims through locals. Locals will be trained adequately. The app will have numbers of nearby dhabas, ambulance and local police stations. The locals who will be trained will also have the numbers for quick response that will help them to take victims to the hospitals at the earliest.