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Today is Bhoot Chaturdashi. Why do Bengalis have 14 saag on this day? 

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Have you rushed to the market today morning to buy that bunch of 14 leaves or saag from the local village woman? Well, your grandma and ma must have followed the ritual of everything 14, on the day before Kali Puja, popularly known as Bhoot Chaturdashi. But is it just a ritual? Or does it have special health reasons in autumn, when people tend to fall sick the most due to weather changes and innumerable viral ailments?

The bunch of a variety of saag that you have, not just includes green leafy vegetables like Pui, Palak, Notey, Mulosaag etc. but also have leaves of vegetables like cauliflower and that of flowers like sapla, which are thought to be laden with vitamins, that help to boost up the body’s immunity. Not just that, the saag is also very light on the stomach and easily digestible. Every ritual related to Bengal does have a scientific basis too and Bhoot Chaturdashi is no different.