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Two college students mend broken street taps with pocket money to save water! 

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Often as we cross street taps in Kolkata, we have found the water falling incessantly as they are either broken or do not have stop corks or some are stolen. In an age when we are talking about water conservation, as most Indian cities are going dry, it is literally a crime to waste water the way it happens in Kolkata.

Two college students Wrik, Trisha and Shalini of Scottish Church and Bethune college have come together in an inspiring endeavor to stop this water wastage. They either buy new taps, get hold of plumbers and make them set it on those street taps that are broken. Or they try to mend the broken ones. They spend their entire pocket money for this purpose and are also getting funded by their college mates who have joined them in this unique water conservation movement!

More power to you, Rik, Shalini and your friends. What Kolkata Corporation couldn’t do for months, you all did it!