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Watch Jupiter’s storms from your rooftop! BITM brings pathbreaking telescope

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Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) will bring celestial wonders closer home. It will ferry a special telescope from its Gurusaday Road premises to housing complexes across the city to help residents go sky-gazing from their roof tops. The first sky watching session will take place atop an Ekdalia housing complex. Tarun Das, education officer of BITM told GB: “The whole exercise is free of cost and BITM has taken this initiative primarily to spread awareness about space to each and every household. Every session will have educators from BITM who will explain the process of star gazing as well as give useful information on what they are seeing.”

The telescope is a special Celestron Telescope that is very powerful and can pick up photographs of craters on moon along with clear views of planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Apart from this one can view Jupiter, phases of planet Venus and even Saturn’s rings. The programme will start on 7th December and will run till May.