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Young Bengali food entrepreneur brings‘gourmet food’ to city

2 December, 2017 13:03:06
Young Bengali food entrepreneur brings‘gourmet food’ to city

• Why do you feel ‘gourmet food’ in a home delivery or takeaway format will do great in Kolkata?

Kolkata lacked ‘gourmet' food,’ or western roasts and grills takeaway format. I have been cooking in that style for a while, and have been lucky enough to experience that in places as well. I wanted to give that experience to the people of this city, using local ingredients. Also, the internet has made it very easy to cross the entry barrier to any business, so the takeaway and delivery idea was an obvious choice. That was a very important factor to help us in the David vs Goliath battle here! Other metros have good metrics for food delivery and takeaway, and it has started working in Kolkata as well. 


• At what age did you start your business and how? Any inspiration?

I started cooking at a very young age - class 3! To be very honest, I started because I was hungry. I wasn’t allowed near the stove or the knives, so with help from my grandmother I used the microwave and kept experimenting with food, hilariously failing, learning, and still learning today. My parents gifted me an oven for passing my boards, and I’ve never looked back – It’s been a delicious journey! 

• What are your signature dishes?

We focus on international grills, roasts, and barbecues. I’ve been told my pork ribs and pork belly are delicious, as are my burgers. I would also suggest the steaks - the tenderloin is one of my favorite cuts of meat because of its butter-soft texture. People have also shown quite a lot of interest in the quail! Quail is one of my favorite game birds because of their subtle ‘wild’ taste. It’s a soft introduction to game birds that doesn’t feel too unfamiliar, perfect to get used to the taste and help you explore more game birds later! 

• How has your business flourished and what kind of clientele you have?

I started off in college, doing a few stalls and events, catering mostly to college students. Then from home. Now, we’re in the process of opening an exclusive shop for delivery and takeaway. Up till now, we’ve had clients all across the board, in terms of occupation or age-group. 

Pork Bely

• Do you think food start-ups will do good in Kolkata, though there are many restaurants around?

Kolkata does not have enough restaurants! It does seem like new places are opening every day, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. There are so many cuisines and types of food the city hasn’t experienced yet, and the city loves its food more than enough to deserve it.

Quail Eggs

• What are your future plans?

That’s a tough one! We have so many plans for Local Gourmet, but getting a dine-in restaurant is definitely on the cards in the future!

• Have you been noticed and appreciated?

Recently I’ve been featured on India Today, as part of a feature on food entrepreneurs in the city.

If you are interested in some of Atrei’s delicacies, do drop in at Local Gourmet, at BL 48 Sector 2, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 91.

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