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Sibapriya Dasgupta



Chequered journey of a girls’ school from California to Dhaka, to Kolkata...

According to Swamiji, true education builds character and develops personality

Jadavpur Vidyapith secures its place among top 10 schools in the country

The board results of the school at the secondary and higher secondary levels are stellar

United Missionary Girl’s High School: Almost 200-year legacy still going ...

24 Christian girls stayed in the boarding house and 20 Christian girls were day scholars

Nawab Bahadur Institution: Preserving a 200-year-old legacy of imparting ed...

Nawab Bahadur Institution, Murshidabad, is one of the oldest educational establishments of India

Will the Kadi Barga houses of Old Kolkata survive an earthquake? Listen to ...

The natural question that pops up is why are only the buildings built prior to 1940 at risk?