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Arun Lal- Cricketer and Cancer survivor speaks on healthy living amid nature

18 January, 2020 18:10:00

He loves watching butterflies and birds sitting for hours. That’s how legendary cricketer Arun Lal meditates. In an exclusive rendezvous with an audience of organic food lovers on how he has been fighting his rare neuron-transmitted cancer for over a year, Arun Lal had one basic suggestion – Eat healthy, live amid nature and enjoy the little parcels of happiness strewn around us, that we often ignore. That will lead to a stress-free life and ensure we are healthy and strong. The meet was organized by IRA, an organization dedicated to make people aware of the harmful food that we are consuming and suggesting better living through good food.

He urges all to give up processed food, white oils and get back to organic vegetables grown in your own garden. As he rightly pointed out most vegetables available in the market these days are coloured with carcinogenic chemicals leading to a huge leap in the number of cancer patients. Similarly, the stress of life can be overcome through nature. He himself spends hours in the middle of plants, birds and butterflies. His childhood memories of how his grandfather always asked everyone to eat in moderation and the children to exercise and just run everyday definitely strikes a chord with the concept of simple living and high thinking. Without that how can we ever expect a healthy lifestyle in the middle of a polluted urban city life?

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