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Boi-Thek Khana: New Library by Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust - GetBengal story

4 December, 2023 16:52:24
Boi-Thek Khana: New Library by Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust - GetBengal story

Boi-Thek Khana,a library by the Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust

Do you remember the Jadavpur Shramjeevi Canteen that took shape during the Pandemic Lockdown days? And how the Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust was formed to facilitate the operation of an alternative health centre? Now Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust is planning to start a reading room and a study centre will be built. The proposed library and study centre will be named “Boi-thek Khana.” But why think of opening a library at a time when book lovers are turning away from libraries and are increasingly preferring e-books?

In response to these queries, Anjan Chakraborty, the current editor of the Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust, elucidated, “While libraries may still exist in various areas, their conditions are often suboptimal. Our aim is to construct a library that resonates with contemporary needs. Discussions are ongoing, and envisaged within this library is a unique system for book exchanges, where readers can return old books in exchange for new ones. Additionally, we aspire to implement a commission-based book-selling system to ensure a continuous supply of books throughout the year, compensating for the fact that our book fair is not a year-round event.”

In Boi-thek Khana, fiction and non-fiction books of different languages will also be available along with children’s literature and progressive literature. The organizers have informed in the brochure that comics, graphic novels, economics, sociology and political books will be kept in the library. They are also planning to hold small seminars and coaching classes at the study centre. The Shramjeevi Trust is trying to create a library culture through chat sessions while sipping tea or coffee and a reading habit through the exchange of books. “At Jadavpur University, a book exchange festival is held once every year. I have always seen people exchange many old books that have already been read with new unread books. We want to do this all year. Book stalls run for only five days during the puja. People search for books all year. For them, books will be sold with the commission. A school was also supposed to start. An arrangement of tuition for those who are first-generation students or those who cannot afford private tutors. The professors of the University are with us. Discussions of opening a school with the cooperation of the professors are also on the way. Discussions on current affairs will be held in study circles. The library is supposed to be set up with these thoughts in mind,” Anjan Chakraborty said.

When asked if they were trying to bring back the library culture with the help of the Boi-thek khana, Chakraborty said that nowadays, people do not frequent libraries as much. There are not as many books in some places. Besides reading books, people here can savour tea, coffee and snacks. There will book addas too. “We are thinking of something which is slightly different from the usual. It is not always that an individual will look at the books and take a few. We are also planning to arrange internet facilities. Books and bookshelves will be arranged. But for the infrastructure, 3 lakh rupees is needed. The fundraising is in progress.”

While the launch date for Boi-thek Khana remains undetermined, decisions regarding its implementation will follow the conclusion of the fundraiser. Anjan Chakraborty emphasized the need for meticulous planning, including the hiring of a permanent employee, to ensure the initiative's success. The current stage is marked by promotional efforts, with opinions being sought from various stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable approach. 

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