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Darjeeling in Monsoon

8 July, 2020 07:49:41
Darjeeling in Monsoon

As rain pours down, the monsoon season brings out the true beauty of Darjeeling

If you can brave the rain, Darjeeling will provide you the much-needed peace that we are looking for during this time of crisis. With the West Bengal Government opening up the district to the tourists, the hill town is slowly limping back to its normalcy and hotels, resorts and home stay owners are hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a three months old closure of business.

The traveller's way

Busy road

Tanmoy Chatterjee, an ace photographer of national repute has captured some exquisite monsoon moments in Darjeeling and GetBengal is thankful to him for giving us an opportunity to publish his photographs in this article.

Perched at an altitude of about 7000 feet, Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station overlooking the mighty Kanchenjunga range. During the summer and post-monsoon months, it is the prime getaway for the people of Bengal, and no matter how many times one has visited, Darjeeling never gets old. The town filled with history and heritage is surrounded by lush green tea gardens to attract visitors from far and near.

Amidst the misty highlands


Strolling around a rainy path


The heavier rain

June, July and August are usually the peak monsoon time in Darjeeling although it can stretch well beyond to September. The average temperature during monsoon ranges between 13°C to 19°C. However in the evening and at night, the temperature can fall and it can get quite cold.


Post it


The Solitary traveller


A focused track

Most of us like to travel to the hills when the sky is likely to be clear, and the snow-capped mountains visible right before us. But there is something charming about monsoon in the hills and especially in and around Darjeeling. During this time, the trees appear brighter; the tea gardens appear greener, and clouds seem to move swiftly like waves in an ocean.  Nature seems to balance itself wonderfully. While one does, in fact, get better views and brighter skies during the pre and post-monsoon months, it is the greenery and the playful clouds which replace them during the rainy months and bringing out the complete virgin side of Darjeeling. The other plus side of Darjeeling during the monsoon is the lack of crowd. Hotels are expected to be cheaper during this period. The hill town has been known to be ‘too crowded’, but it is this time of the year when you might get a chance to walk through the clouds in an almost empty mall road or Take the corner seat at any of the hill side cafes & enjoy a hot cup of coffee while the smell of bakery leads you to heaven while you enjoy the view of rain on mountains.

An evening at the Mall


Monsoon greetings


The Monochrome palette

The oaks, birches, maples, chestnuts, and rhododendrons go on to add to the mesmerizing beauty of Darjeeling. The monsoon season brings out the true beauty of Darjeeling as rain pours down.

Just a word of caution. Heavy rain at times can cause landslides which can block roads for hours & you may be stuck en route for a few hours till it is cleared. Do trust the hill drivers on the route. They will find a way to drive you up safely and when you make it you will remember this Queen of Hills in monsoon for life.

The morning gems


This or that?


The sound of rains

The nearest railway station is NJP, from where Darjeeling is a three and half hour’s drive. Private taxis, shared cabs and buses are available to reach you to your destination.
The nearest airport is Bagdogra. From the airport a four-hour drive will get you to Darjeeling. Private taxis, shared taxis and buses are readily available from the airport.

There are plenty of private hotels, resorts and home stays in and around Darjeeling to suit your pocket. Since Monsoon is considered as the off season in Darjeeling, discounts are available in almost all accommodations.

The West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation has its luxurious property and is considered as one of the most sought-after Tourism property to check in overlooking the the mighty Kanchenjunga from almost each room. It is scheduled to open soon for travellers. Do keep an eye on their website for regular updates.

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