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Have a Machh Bhaat meal at only Rs 21!

20 September, 2019 02:07:01
Have a Machh Bhaat meal at only Rs 21!

Bengal government indeed turns Goddess Annapurna, by providing low cost healthy meals to its citizens from various outlets across Kolkata. The typical Bengali meal of dal, rice and fish curry will now come at a low cost of Rs 21 and the pilot project to start in March, will cover five spots of Kolkata. By May, this will be scaled up to 100 stalls.


The five places chosen in the initial phase are Ruby crossing, Gariahat, DLF in New Town, Shyambazar and Salt Lake. Though the menu is set in the initial phase, there will be options and choices available later. Ekushe Annapurna is all set for a big hit as hundreds of people who come to Kolkata or even go around the city on work, hardly have a joint for a decent, hygienic and cheap meal. And even if vegetarian meals are available at street side stalls, non-veg fish meals are priced usually beyond Rs 50. These state-run canteens were first launched as Amma canteens in Tamil Nadu and were later replicated in some states. For residents of Bengal, they will definitely come as a blessing even for daily labourers who throng the city in hordes working on various projects.

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