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India’s Largest Buddha Statue is in the making in Kolkata

9 February, 2021 16:46:12
India’s Largest Buddha Statue is in the making in Kolkata

The ‘largest Buddha statue’ of India is being made in Kolkata. The work is in full swing at the Nainan Bandhab Samiti ground in Baranagar. Made by famous sculptor Mintu Pal, the statue has been made with fiber glass. Pal told the media a couple of days ago: “This statue will probably last for thousands of years even after our generation dies.”

The statue is 100-ft long of Lord Buddha in a reclining fashion. Pal said it is being made in the city for installation at a temple in Bodh Gaya next year. The fiber glass statue of Buddha in a reclining posture is being made in parts as the whole statue cannot be made at one go, considering its mammoth size. Buddha International Welfare Mission is behind the initiative for installing the giant statue at its temple in Bodhgaya by Buddha Purnima next year (2022). A spokesman of the organization said as per their knowledge, this would be the largest Buddha idol in the country.

In Baranagar, each part of the idol is being made separately, which will then be taken to Bodh Gaya. ‘Work is going on smoothly. But it will take months to finish chiseling different parts, which will then be transported to the temple,’ Pal added. The statue will be assembled at the temple for the final shape. Pal had earlier made an 80-feet-high Durga idol at Deshapriya Park in 2015, which was touted as the largest Durga statue in the world.

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