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Kolkata to witness a grand Literary Gala Party tomorrow

2 February, 2019 20:30:00
Kolkata to witness a grand Literary Gala Party tomorrow

Literoma Publishing Services is all set to host an amazing literary night in Kolkata tomorrow at one of the city’s high-profile private studios. The evening will be graced by veteran Indian authors, Literoma community members and creative aspirants beyond borders.Authors from different parts of India will gather to celebrate the launch of their books, promote their literary ventures and read self-composed poetry and stories to spice up the show. International award- winning author and film writer Reetwika Banerjee will be chairing the event. She adds: “Literoma tries to play a tiny part in turning an amateur scribbler’s dreams come true by getting his/her works published, marketed and promoted globally.”

Unlike expensive book launch extravaganza, the best part of thisfestival is that the organizers have kept it a free platform for authors who wish to launch their books at the party. Literoma’s patron S. Bandyopadhyay said: “Due to lack of proper support from the publishing houses, many young talented writers could not blossom in the past. There is a first day for all of us. We at Literoma are always open to welcome aspiring authors and try to provide them a global platform to showcase their hidden creativity and flourish in the literary spectrum.” So come join this festival for new books and new launches. After all, words reign the world. 

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