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New book on ‘Journey of Science in Bangla’

26 February, 2018 12:30:00
New book on ‘Journey of Science in Bangla’

Two city educationists, Nrishingha Prasad Bhaduri and Dipak Ghosh, have come up with a new project named Vishwa Parichay --- A Journey to Science in Bengali, to spread awareness about science among students and public. This project has been approved by Bengal’s Higher Education department. The book will contain topics from early school levels to latest discoveries in Bengali. They will include adequate charts, pictures and graphics for understanding of the subjects better. Topics discussed in the chapters will encourage original discoveries and inventions by creating a love for Science among students of Bengal.

Due to lack of quality science books in Bengali, students who have a language barrier and are not too proficient in English, face a problem. So, the primary aim of the book would be to reach out to the remotest parts of the state and encourage students to come up with original scientific studies. The book has been inspired by Tagore’s celebrated book Biswa Parichay, where the poet introduced the universe to the common man in a lucid and melodic Bengali presentation without diluting the rigour of the subject.

Unfortunately, no attempt was made by any scientist of educationist of Bengal later to follow the path of Tagore and update people on the scientific and technological developments that had taken place in the last 80 years. Sadly, there is hardly any book in Bangla, that spreads the scientific knowledge and new inventions that are taking place across the world almost every day. Hope that gap will soon be sealed by this new book in Bengali.

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