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Tagore in Translation

10 May, 2018 03:30:00
Tagore in Translation

The moon would also go to sleep,
How then, would with indolence come sleep,
Only to lie at thy feet;
Sitting quiet, leaving my sleep on ground
How on wait I for time thine
Get bound?

(Translation of 'প্রতীক্ষা ' / ' Pratiksha' from ' খেয়া' / ' kheya' section)


Out of the infinite depth of sea
Of immense creativity
Rose Two;
One, the angel of heaven
The Goddess with splendor
Who could incite desire.
And the other,
The Goddess of Goodwill
And compassion
Filled with Love-
The primary potion
The Goddess of Heaven,

One meditation broke
Filling the cup 
With laughter and fire
Putting desire 
Of beauty
Purely ' falguni',
She gave rise to songs
Of springs, of youth,
Which could never be kept at bay
For long,

(Like that flowery chants 
Which come out spontaneous
From intoxicated hearts)

She took away sleep, 
Made the bud of rise
And turn sanguine, red!
Where passion is always bred;

The Other how returned
With tears of dew
Pouring forth 
That serene feel
Of finding morning of life, renewed;
How She returned
With the sky full of bless
How She made all to smile
Finding solace, in self-contentment;

How She had all brought
To that sublime thought
Where all could find
How the pristine could bind,
All at that meeting point
Of life and death,
How she had ushered in the eternal
The songs of seasons, the autumn,(the fall)
How she had implanted that pure,
Where only Devotion can lure.

(Translation of a song from ‘Balaka’( বলাকা) section of his Collected Works/ রবীন্দ্ররচনাবলি, volume two, page number 500)

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