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A peek through Santiniketan’s ‘Shonibarer Haat’

13 May, 2018 00:03:25
A peek through Santiniketan’s ‘Shonibarer Haat’

The term Haat is so quintessentially Bangla. Rabindranath Tagore has used this word over and over again in many of his prose and poems. And who can forget Kumor Parar Gorur Gari and Haat boshechhe sukrobarey!

But Santiniketan’s rural market off the road to Khowai is held every Saturday. And many from the cities flock there to just be a part of the display of hand-made artefacts, terracotta and leather jewelry, bags, kantha textiles, home-made Bengali sweets and much more. Baul songs are definitely an added attraction.








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