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Antique machines of Mungpoo Cinchona Plantation

3 April, 2018 01:08:26
Antique machines  of Mungpoo Cinchona Plantation

Cinchona Directorate of Mungpoo has shared some rare photographs of antique machines and artefacts lying in the Plantation office. Can they be turned into a museum?

Cinchona Directorate at Mungpoo has many old antique items that can be displayed for public view. This will attract tourists to plantation units. It will also generate employment for children of poor plantation labourers who can take the tourists around and speak on the antique machineries and artefacts. GB brings you photographs of these old machineries and other items that the Directorate has safely kept in Mungpoo.

Grinding machine for Cinchona Bark made by the British. It ran on water force brought from streams


Government Quinine Factory with 32 vats


Horizontal boiler that was brought till Sonada by train and then rolled up to Mungpoo. Forests had to be cleared and it took almost 6 months to take the boiler up to Mungpoo



Horizontal Boiler




How hydro-electricity was generated at Cinchona Plantation in 19th century



Vertical boilers run on charcoal


Vessels that collect solvent and separate extracts. Prof Bandopadhyay of North Bengal University on the site in 2016


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