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Century old doors and gates of Kolkata

24 March, 2018 00:53:32
Century old doors and gates of Kolkata

Photographer and foodie Devashis Kuthari travels down Dalhousie to trace gates and doors of the British era. GB brings you his exclusive photographs of HERITAGE GATES OF KOLKATA

As people bustle through the business district of Kolkata, very few have the time to stop, stand and admire the architectural splendour and intricate designs of several gates and doors that still stand infront of the business houses, many of which were built in the pre-independence era. Be it the Martin & Co Building, a company started by R.N. Mukherjee and later on sold off or the old Standard Chartered building, they all had gates made from wood or metal castings that still retain the hangover of the days of the Raj

Balmer Lawrie


Martin and Co


Standard Chartered India Exchange place


Standard Chartered N S Road


Turner Morrison


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