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2 December, 2017 13:15:28

Chasing dreams, shaping aspirations, breaking sealings, reaching the sky!!! A typical urban rat-race unfurls before her every day, but she is a mute spectator. She doesn’t  participate, but let the pace and speed take their own course, she sits back with her daily chores and her forgotten memories. Lonely, in the City of Joy, yet she has her books and photographs, her old staircase, that she treads with unsure steps and that golden sunshine that has never forgotten to embalm her limbs out on a wintry afternoon, when all had forgotten her. Lazily, she lies on her bed, may be waiting alone for that eternal sleep to someday kiss her eyelashes, when she will travel all by herself to the distant land of her dreams. HOME ALONE, when all but she had left!










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