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Meghbalika: Cloudscapes of Kolkata

12 June, 2018 02:09:23
Meghbalika: Cloudscapes of Kolkata

Clouds have inspired many a poetic heart. They have also been a photographer’s muse. Engineer Arpan Ganguly loves chasing clouds and their various forms, specially along the sky over Bengal and Kolkata. They talk to him, they have tales and dreams to share just like the lush green fields, fertile lands, meandering streams and common folk of Bengal have. His Cloudscape of Calcutta series will inspire any nature lover. Currently employed at a leading ITeS firm in the city, Arpan steps out with his camera whenever he sees clouds across the horizon, be them the dark ominous clouds or even the happy autumnal ones. Let’s travel with Arpan across the sky.









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