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Where the mystic meets the river

15 January, 2019 13:28:48
Where the mystic meets the river

Ace photographer Santanu Paul travelled to different spots of Kolkata to capture faces behind the Gangasagar tale

Sab teertha baar baar, Gangasagar ekbar…..

One goes to various pilgrimages every year, but to Gangasagar they just go once. That’s what the saying goes. But what is so special about this Sagar Island of Bengal? Mystic aura, rustic charm or flood of human tales meeting at a certain confluence?

Moksha Seeker

Gangasagar to us is a story of different hues, and not just a pilgrimage. It is the tale of ‘people’ who come every year from different parts of India, travel thousands of kilometres, brave the chilling cold and take a dip in the chilly river just to attain what we call ‘Moksha.’ But does that freedom come so easy? 

Still Waiting

A look at photographs that speak, can be an eye-opener…….

The Contended


The Feminist


The Innocent


The Musician


The Naked Truth


The Painter


The Thinker


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