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Kolkata’s barefoot historian P.T. Nair behind the lens

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P. Thankappan Nair, popularly known as P.T. Nair was Kolkata’s barefoot historian. His book A Tercentenary History of Calcutta: A History of Calcutta's Streets, will always be considered a treasure trove on the history of this vibrant city. He has written around 60 books about the city and its history. P.T. Nair arrived in Kolkata 63 years ago all the way from Alwaye [now Aluva] in Kerala. He has always been attracted to Kolkata, that he made his home. For Nair, Kolkata was love at first sight. Recently, he left his dear city for good and returned to Kerala. Most of us bid him a tearful adieu. Here are some photographs of the ‘Walking, Talking History Man’ of Kolkata.