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Indranil Halder




Andrew Yule and his love for Bengal’s Golden Fibre

How Andrew Yule amassed huge wealth by trading in jute!

Kolkata’s Heritage Ambassador Taxi now on Sydney Streets!

Meet James Robinson who introduced it alongside taxis from New York and London

Celebrating 300-year-old Goswami Barir pujo of Serampore and its Danish inf...

How Goswamis wanted to buy Serampore for Rs 11,00,000!

375-year-old zamindar bari of Amadpur and its bonedi barir Durga Puja

Terracotta temples and Ma Durga – a die for concoction

Sourindro Mohun Tagore of Pathuriaghata was the Father of Fusion Music & fu...

How Queen Victoria asked him to do translations of her songs

Chris Hemsworth of Netflix sensation movie ‘Extraction’ speaks Bangla!

The Australia-Bengali film connect down the ages

Uttarpara Library, the first public library of India still has 300-year-old...

Australia based entrepreneur Indranil Halder walks through this treasure trove

Australia’s Bengal connect! How a Bengali poetry book landed in 19th-...

Bengal-Australia connect might have started in 1798

Did you know 150 years ago, Kolkata hosted Royal Polo Matches?

From colonial Kolkata, polo passed on to Australia

Showcasing 2,300-year-old Chandraketugarh and its Muslin trade in Australia...

Century-old Muslin trade brought to life on canvas!

When Bengal’s history reaches the shores of Australia through William...

Sydney based Bengali entrepreneur Indranil Halder on the evening

Kolkata on a ‘Polo High’ on Christmas Day, only city where it i...

Sydney based entrepreneur Indranil Halder witnesses the fun

Laksmikanta Style Dhoti- Cultural symbolism of ‘Calcutta’ ...

How Indranil Halder is popularizing Bengali attire in Australia