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What is topsy-turvy about Ultadanga?

Ultadanga is an important locality in the metropolis of Kolkata

Tipu Sultan and Tollygunge – Where do the two T’s meet?

Tollygunge derived its moniker from a colonel in the British Army named William Tolly

How come a bazar in Kolkata’s Chinatown was named after an Italian?

Tiretta Bazaar in Kolkata is famous for its Chinese street food and breakfast

Tusu on Makar Sankranti is a vibrant tribal festival of Bengal

It is a regional folk festival held on the last day of Bengali month of Poush

Presidency University, Kolkata’s eminent educational institution

A 200-year-old institution that heralded a new era of education in India

How Lord Bentinck helped in Birth & Growth of Darjeeling

Darjeeling was first acquired as a military outpost and sanatorium since it offered strategic advantages

‘Sarkarism’ – Neo-Socialism introduced by Benoy Sarkar during World W...

Sarkarism was an attempt to endow Indian Social Science with a new method and content

Who was Jadu Babu and why a bazaar is named after him?

Did you know Jadunath Chaudhuri after whom 'Jadu Babur Bazar' is named, was a relative of Rani Rashmoni?

Dawn of Christianity in North Bengal: Church that got its name even before ...

This Parish was named after the first Archbishop of Calcutta, Msgr Paul Goethals

Dawn of Christianity in North Bengal and influence of Tibetan craftsmen on ...

From Belgian Jesuits to Tibetan craftsmen, the melting pot of North Bengal Christianity

Dawn of Christianity in North Bengal and role of Canadian Jesuits

Belgian and Canadian Jesuits were instrumental in helping establish the Christian community in North Bengal

Dawn of Christianity in North Bengal and Darjeeling

Some of Darjeeling's churches were used by the British army for their religious needs

Vanishing tribe of Kadma – Bengal’s own candy makers

The pristine white Kadma sweet has been integral to all Bengali festivities for ages

Dawn of Christianity in North Bengal and its historical churches

In February 1896, Dores Alanzo Robinson became the first Adventist to enter the territory of North Bengal

Sulekha relaunches iconic Bangalipi exercise copy

Bangalipi will provide a glimpse into a chapter of history that many people are unfamiliar with

Kutchi Memon Community of Kolkata – a lost tribe

Currently, approximately 200 families of their community reside in the city.

Welcome to the World of Heritage Trees of Kolkata

GB takes you on a Tree Walk to locate these unusual trees of Kolkata.

William Shakespeare’s family members still lie in a Kolkata grave

The tomb of John Talbot Shakespear, a descendent of the Bard of Avon, lies in Kolkata's South Park Street Cemetery.

The simple philanthropic life of Khan Jahan Ali

A large number of Hindus converted to Islam, being attracted by the humanitarian work of Khan Jahan Ali

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Was Bengal’s Agricultural Decline rela...

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this fourth out of the 6-part series

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Is Satyajit Ray’s grandfather a descendant...

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this and final part out of the 5-part series

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Eastern Bengal Railway and Chalan Beel

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this third out of the 6-part series

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Freedom fighter Grandson relocates to Shillo...

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this fourth out of the 5-part series

Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali, the crusader who changed South Bengal

The well-known 15th-century Sufi saint and ruler who promoted the spread of Islam in Bengal.

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Problems faced in track laying

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this second out of the 6-part series

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Gouripur Estate of Myemenshingha

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 3rd out of 5-part series

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways, the first track of British India

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this first out of the 6-part series

Story of Dhaka University – Formed in aftermath of Bengal Partition of 19...

The University of Dhaka opened its doors on July 1, 1921, with Mr P. J. Hartog as its first Vice-Chancellor

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Jugalkishore, the dashing feudal lord

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 2nd out of 5-part series

Story of Dhaka University – The voice for the oppressed

Dhaka University has been a hotspot of revolutionaries and demonstrators since its inception

Dr. Sambhu Nath Dey: The saviour who chased Cholera

His pioneering research set the stage for more effective treatment and control of cholera

Did you know a Muslim, Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali started the line of Pirali Bra...

The Tagore family line descended from one such Pirali family

Hindu son of Siraj ud-daula, where are his descendants now?

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 1st out of 5-part series

The Turk ruler of Bengal who learnt Sanskrit and worshipped Ganga

Zafar Khan Ghazi - The harbinger of communal harmony in Bengal

How modern traffic system was developed in Calcutta during World War II

The unsystematic vehicular mobility in Calcutta was a major source of concern for the US military forces stationed there as part of the WW II contingent

Rain gambling in 19th-century Kolkata: Babus betting on Rain!

Rain gambling was a popular pastime introduced in the 19th century by aristocratic Bengali Babus of Kolkata

First Miss India, Esther Abraham, came from Calcutta’s Jewish family

Abraham was crowned the country’s first Miss India in 1947

Durgapur Aatbari’s complex architecture saved many freedom fighters from ...

The run-down ancestral mansion stands as a silent witness of its own glorious past

Kabir Suman remembers Pannalal Ghosh --- The ‘Flute God’ of India

Ghosh reinvented the classical flute, elevating it to the level of any other solo instrument in classical music

‘Lightning Sculptor’ Gopeswar Pal surprised British media at Wembley Ar...

The Man who brought the Paanch Chala Durga to Bengal

PUJO READ: Uttam Kumar --- A Life in Cinema; Bloomsbury

This pujo, get your copy of this book

Healthy Bhaka Pitha of North Bengal is a Rajbanshi delicacy

These rice cakes which have been in tradition for over a century are very popular among the local community

Recalling Ajoy Home, the Birdman of Bengal

Famous ornithologist from Bengal

Kalimpong’s bustling markets offer phumbi, churpi and many lesser-known p...

Kalimpong's colourful haats, or weekly bazaars, are well recognised for their distinctive culinary delicacies that can be stocked all over the year

Class VI student of East Midnapore builds a ‘Lightning resistant Umbrella...

The youngster's discovery has prompted him to enter a national competition, the theme of which is "Science for Sustainable Living 2021"

Scientist from remote Sundarbans, Subhashish Natua honoured for COVID-19 va...

The exceptionally talented scientist from a remote village in the Sundarbans has made all Bengalis proud of his achievements

Daily wage earner’s son from Bongaon becomes ‘Scorer’ at IPL: Meet Ta...

Tanay Panti is a professional electronic scoreboard monitor

Shiksha Ratna for Canning’s Nitai Mali – the teacher who fights for tri...

This year, he has received the Shiksha Ratna Award 2021

Malda district throws up Buddhist wonder – in Jagjivanpur

Excavation at Jagjivanpur opens up the archaeological splendor of Bengal

‘Truck Art’ to be used to ‘Save Tigers’ of Sundarbans: Famous Pakis...

The 'Truck Art' campaign by Joydip Kundu to promote tiger conservation in India will raise awareness among people

West Bengal is striding towards a literate society

Celebrating International Literacy Day

Nabadwip Cuisine boasts of Lal Doi, one of the best curds of India

Kalipada Modak’s Chakku Doi is famous across the globe for its creamy texture and delicious taste

Olympia Sporting House -- Oldest Javelin shop of India still runs at Bowbaz...

This heritage sporting equipment shop has been manufacturing javelins for more than a century now.

Lozenge Mashi of Maidan – Jamuna Das and her love for soccer

A GB exclusive with Jamuna Das, a household name in the city’s footballing circles

Armenian Street: Tale of a Kolkata Street that preceded British by centurie...

The Street that represents one of Calcutta’s oldest trading community

Our Lady Queen of the Missions, 75 years of service

A school that goes way beyond education

Nona Ilish, the Ilish that we never talk about

One of the priciest fishes of Bangladesh

Two boys from Darjeeling put Bengal on the Racing Map of India

They are all set to represent Bengal at the upcoming Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship in Chennai

Transgenders and Gay feature in Kalighat Patachitra for the first time

Timeless art gets a twist from Uttam Chitrakar

Parimal Kanji – Kolkata’s green crusader and his cycling expedition acr...

Penniless yet young at heart, Kanji, in his mid-fifties, sets an example

Best kept secret of Nawabi Bengal – Kohitoor

Exclusively created for the Nawab of Bengal, Kohitoor is one of India’s most expensive mangoes

Was Topsia named after local fish Topshe?

Famous for its tanneries, Topsia was once also a flourishing fishing ground

Bankura craftsman gets National Award for exclusive Conch Shell carving

An entire episode from the ancient Indian epic, ‘Mahabharata’ comes alive on the surface of a conch shell

As Kabul falls to Taliban, Afghans of Calcutta pray for their nation

A GB exclusive on the Kabuliwalas of Kolkata

Bengali scientist invents unique biodegradable plastic that can even be eat...

A group of young scientists have created a plastic bag made of potato starch

Only Kolkata lines up for Books

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Bengal is experiencing long queues in front of bookstores, consisting mainly of young people

Kolkata Street with a Jewish Connect

The 350m long Ezra Street located in the heart of Kolkata is a testament of the city's vibrant Jewish history

Is Chowringhee older than Kolkata?

The first road of Calcutta where pavements were built to facilitate erection of gas lamps

‘Shashi Kapoor Room’ opens to guests at Kolkata’s iconic Fairlawn Hot...

Kolkata was so close to the hearts of Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal, that they even spent their honeymoon at Fairlawn Hotel

Foundation Day of Doordarshan Kolkata

Forgotten documentaries to be telecast on Doordarshan Kolkata

Gifted Athlete Ila Mitra was tortured in jail instead of sprinting at 1940 ...

The story of missed Olympian Ila Mitra’s struggle is one for the books indeed

Sromona Chakraborty on her ‘Bapi’ Kishore Kumar

Sromona and her family always shared a wonderful relationship with Kishore Kumar

Bengal’s ‘Arjun’ Atanu Das defeats 4-time Olympic medalist at Tokyo O...

Today, Das defeats 4-time Olympic medalist, Korea’s Jinhyek OH in a shoot-off

Girl students exceed boys in West Bengal

Only state in India where girl students are more than the boys

State launches low-cost IAS study centre to boost aspirants from Bengal

West Bengal was the state that produced the first Indian ICS

Slice of Baghdad lives on, at Kolkata’s Jewish Girls’ School

An undying legacy of the Baghdadi Jewish community of India

Americans and racial divide on the streets of 1942 Calcutta

American soldiers landed in Calcutta during World War II

Is Kolkata’s Yellow Taxi losing the battle with the App Cabs?

The Iconic yellow ambassador taxis are slowly vanishing from the city

Modhu Bose, the man who brought ‘Parallel Cinema’ to India

Bose, at times known as the Renaissance Man of Indian cinema

Legends Never Die! Dilip Kumar’s love for Bengal and his presence in Beng...

Dilip Kumar was always a huge fan of Uttam Kumar's captivating screen presence

Bengal launches new mobile app to control Dengue and Malaria

‘Protirodh App’, a beacon of hope for victims of vector-borne diseases

When Satyajit Ray breaches the domain of Netflix!

Anthology ‘Ray’ starts today

‘Duare Vaccine’ in remote Alipurduar villages

Health workers go all out in their effort to make vaccination drive a success

Potoler Dolma – from the shores of Mediterranean to Bay of Bengal

A delicacy that traversed the sea route to reach the ports of Bengal

Soccer sensation Subho Pal from Salkia signed by FC Bayern Munich U-19 team...

Seventeen-year-old Subho Pal is all set to fulfill his dream

Basak’s Poor Pharmacy – Colonial Kolkata’s first charitable pharmacy

The pharmacy of Kolkata that provided a ray of hope to the downtrodden during the British Raj

Abdul Ahad –Rabindrasangeet exponent who directed even Pankaj Mallick and...

The Bangladeshi musical talent who helped Rabindrasangeet gain fame among the masses

Subhajit Mukherjee leads “Mission Green”- India’s mango seed plantati...

Recognized as ‘Innovator of the Year 2019’, Mukherjee’s initiatives have been praised by the Prime Minister of our country

Chhota Bristol or Shaw Brothers – Kolkata’s oldest bar and how it still...

Filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak was often found here at a table, indulging in heated arguments with his friends

Bengal’s ‘Machher Jhol’ travels all the way to Masterchef Australia

Kishwar Chowdhury’s ‘Machher Jhol’ wins the hearts of the judges at Masterchef Australia

RKM teacher and scientist Swapan Ghosh invents plastic degrading microbes

The most startling of his inventions is the permanent and radical solution to the menace of plastic waste

How a century-old pandemic boosted India’s fight for freedom

How did India’s British administration deal with the Spanish flu pandemic?

Meet home chefs who are cooking free meals for COVID patients

During these crucial times, Good Samaritans are feeding the affected

Ray-Uttam’s 'Nayak' celebrates 55th anniversary this May

What was so special about Ray's 'Nayak'?

Kanyashree student Digantika Bose’s COVID-19 mask wins global recognition...

Anti-viral mask gets global 'Top 10 Inspirational Design Award' by Google

Shankha Ghosh, the quiet revolutionary

The Jnanpith awardee was diagnosed with Covid this month

First Indian ‘Man of Letters’ of USA was a Bengali

Dhan Gopal Mukerji, a Stanford graduate and his children’s books

House where ‘Ramakrishna Kathamrita’ was scripted

Mahendranath Gupta: The annalist of the doctrines of Ramakrishna

Kiriti Roy, created by Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta

Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s ‘Kiriti Roy’ is a hit among readers of all age

Falling in Love with Bengal’s Monohara

A sweet that steals your heart

Surya Sen Street – As defiant as its namesake Masterda!

A name which immortalize the revolutionary struggle for Indian independence

Tulsi Chakraborty: The actor who ruled the Bengali cinema with pure comedy ...

Demand for Heritage status of Tulsi Chakraborty’s Howrah house

Gita Chandra – Bengali brave-heart and India’s first female paratrooper...

Gita had para-trooped seven times as part of the training

When ‘copywriter’ Rabindranath Tagore sold FMCG products

Tagore was a successful and brilliant copywriter

Beef and Bread-eating youths of Cornwallis Street

Why were they forced to embrace Christianity

Chitpur Bridge — The Bridge that protected Kolkata from Maratha Bargis

A 3-mile long moat was dug to protect Calcutta from the marauding Bargis

Isa Guha: First Asian in the England cricket team

A three-time Ashes Winner, Isa Guha is a real inspiration to young female cricketers across the globe

Biswajit Chatterjee: The evergreen tinsel star of all seasons

One of the first male movie actors in India to portray a woman’s role

Suhasini Biswas’ Gitanjali Diary – The Anne Frank of Bengal

How Tagore’s Gitanjali helped her survive in a Japanese Detention Camp

Bengal Lamp: First to manufacture electric bulbs in India

The Lamp that once illuminated Bengal

‘To reach a port we must set sail,’ Sonali Banerjee

Story of India’s first female marine engineer

Kolkata’s only ‘Samovar’ Tea shop

Continuing the tradition of the unique charm and heritage of ‘Samovar’ tea

Comic King Narayan Debnath has been awarded Padmashri

Narayan Debnath receives Padmashri Award

Bengal Soap Factory— Pioneering entrepreneurship in Bengal in early 1900s...

Founded in 1902-03 by late Abani Mohon Ghose at 4 Raj Kumar Chatterjee Street

Are Bengalis 'Army Shy?'

Army veterans give their views on the perception

Cornwallis Street’s legendary shop: Kar-Mahalanobis

The first sports equipment store on Chowringhee by Bengali entrepreneurs

The House where Sandesh Magazine was born

At present, Athenaeum Institution functions from this house

Abala Barrack: A house that epitomizes Bengal’s glorious past

The building on Cornwallis Street that once housed Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury

Deviprasad Roychowdhury: The Maverick Sculptor of the Twentieth century

An artist immortalized through Gandhiji’s “Dandi March” sculpture

Harsh Neotia- Leader with diverse business interests

“We are considering 2021 as a year of hope and betterment”

Transformation of Old Trams

Tram World at Gariahat Depot all set to highlight Kolkata’s heritage and culture

Bengal paved the way for the first Peasant Revolution in India

Farmers forced the British to pass new act

Walking down the Historic lanes

Houses on Cornwallis Street that scripted Bengal Renaissance

From Palms to Pots

Sap Tappers of Bankura give lessons on micro-entrepreneurship

Asit Haldar - Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London

He was the first Indian to be elected a Fellow

Vaccination during colonial time

Bengal had Smallpox vaccination application a century ago

Inclusiveness reflected in Festivals of Bengal

The tradition of making Goddess Kali’s hair

How was Bengal’s favourite ‘Posto’ born as ‘left-over’ of British...

Agricultural land in Bengal Presidency transformed into poppy fields

Durga Puja is not just fun, it sustains a huge unorganized sector – Liste...

Installation artists of famous Arjunpur Amra Shobai Club speak to GB

Famous Installation artist Asim Paul creates ‘natural’ barricades to ke...

Santoshpur Trikon Park Sarbajonin Durgotsab follows social distancing norms

AGOMONI – Corporatization of Kolkata’s theme Durga Pujas

How commercial needs infiltrated into a festival

Artist Debasis Barui stuck to social distancing installation at Barisha Sar...

No artisans from villages could be brought, locals were used

AGOMONI -- How Street Installation Art became part and parcel of Modern Dur...

Who brought in installation art to Bengal’s festivals?

Father of Bengali sci-fi fiction Jagadananda Roy wrote in 1892, even before...

Travels to Venus was one of the earliest sci-fi book of Bengal

Swami Vivekananda was at Hathras a century ago where he met trusted discipl...

Sharat Gupta was the additional station master of Hathras

AGOMONI – Why Durga’s Chalchitra of Rani Rashmoni’s zamindar house wa...

Bengal’s Chalchitra artistes are facing a bleak future

‘Afghanistan is my watan, but Kolkata is my mulk’ – stateless Kabuliw...

How are the Rahmats of Tagore’s Kabuliwala fame doing?