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Chandannagar Jagadhatri Puja spreading organ donation awareness through laser show - GetBengal story

21 November, 2023 17:32:48
Chandannagar Jagadhatri Puja spreading organ donation awareness through laser show - GetBengal story

Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Pujas in Bengal are not just for a religious cause, they have tags of social causes too. This year Chandannagar is all decked up for its annual Jagadhatri Puja, with themes very relevant - from saving the environment to spreading awareness about organ donation. Alongside the famous lighting of Chandannagar there will be laser shows as well. The puja has begun and the people of Chandannagar have joined the fervour, people from across Bengal are joining the celebrations too. The crowd is busy exploring the city to witness the beautifully decorated pandals.

Just like Durga puja in Kolkata and Kali puja in Barasat, Jagadhatri Puja of Chandannagar is also a mega event. It is celebrated over five days from Sasthi to Dashami. The use of lights has always been a distinctive feature of Chandannagar's decorations, and the addition of laser shows as a new attraction adds a contemporary and dynamic element to the festive atmosphere. The lighting and laser shows not only captivate the audience but also provide a platform for creative storytelling. This time the pandals are using laser shows to tell stories and to spread awareness on various issues which demonstrates a thoughtful approach to the cultural celebration. Laser shows have been used to spread awareness about organ donation at the Madhyanchal Sarbojanin Jagadhatri Puja which is situated at the centre of Chandannagar Station Road. This strategic location ensures maximum visibility and engagement from the community and visitors, making it an effective platform for delivering a crucial message. 


Organ donation is a critical and often overlooked aspect of healthcare. It is of paramount importance as it serves as a lifeline for individuals suffering from organ failure or life-threatening medical conditions. Organ donation offers individuals the chance to have a second lease of life. It provides hope and an opportunity for those facing serious health challenges to overcome their conditions and pursue their dreams. There is a persistent shortage of organs available for transplantation globally. By raising awareness, more people may be encouraged to register as donors, helping to bridge the gap between the supply and demand for organs. Awareness campaigns empower individuals to make informed decisions about organ donation. Understanding the process, the impact of donation, and the positive outcomes for recipients can motivate people to sign up as donors. Using cultural events like the Jagadhatri Puja to raise awareness brings a sense of social responsibility to the festivities. It demonstrates the power of community events in not only celebrating traditions but also in contributing to the well-being of society. This thoughtful integration of awareness campaigns into cultural celebrations reflects a progressive mindset in Chandannagar, showcasing how festivals can be utilized as platforms for education and social causes. This laser show will be shown at the Puja mandap of the Jagadhatri puja every evening from November 19 to 22. 

The Madhyanchal Sarbojanin Jagadhatri puja through laser shows is also interpreting the journey of Jagadhatri puja, starting from the inception of this celebration. The laser show reiterates the story of how Raja Krishnachandra had started Jagadhatri puja and after it ends, the one on ‘organ donation’ begins. A private nursing home has organised the laser show of organ donation titled “Mone Rekho”. Pujas of Kanailal Pally and other famous pujas also have a message of awareness in their theme. Some have built the pandal with environment-friendly things. Kanailal Pally has built the pandal with eco-friendly materials such as Assam grass and dry maize husks etc, things that do not harm nature, and no plastic has been used for making pandals.

On the border of two cities- Chandannagar and Chinsurah, there is Kundughat where Hindus and Muslims worship Maa Jagadhatri. For almost 47 years people from both communities have been living in harmony and stand strong as an example of unity in diversity. Among the 20 members of the puja committee, 12 are Mohammedans. They believe that humanity is bigger than religion. During iftar, Bhanu, Arpan and other Hindus can be spotted having a meal together. When Bhanu and others are in a problem, Abdul, Sheikh Ainur, Sheikh Islam and others rush to help them. The members of North Purbanchal Sarbojanin Jagadhatri puja, Kundughat, Chandannagar, live together while helping each other in times of need. The puja at Farasdanga is beautifully decorated with lights. 

The Hindu families of the locality were thinking of starting the Jagadhatri puja and when the Muslims got to know about it, they came forward as well. Families belonging to both the religions started contributing towards the puja expenses. Together they used to go from one house to another in order to collect donations. The Muslims also helped with all the puja works. At the time of immersion, the Muslims and Hindus together lift the idol on their shoulders. That tradition continues even today. According to the organizers of the puja, irrespective of their religions, all members of the puja committee contribute towards the puja in monthly instalments. This time the manager of the puja is Amargautam Dutta, while Sheikh is the treasurer. They are following the footsteps of their ancestors. After reciting salat, Sheikh joins the “Chokkhudaan” ceremony which is the ritual of inviting the goddess to earth by drawing her eyes on the idol. 

Thus this year, Chandannagar stands as an example to the whole of Bengal through their Jagadhatri pujas, spreading awareness for every social cause. 

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