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Kolkata street art and graffities transform the cityscape – GetBengal story

19 June, 2024 10:28:22
Kolkata street art and graffities transform the cityscape – GetBengal story

Kolkata has always been an artistic city. Art murals, graffiti, social and political outcries, portraits of important figures on walls, and colourful mosaics in metro stations have been a common sight for several years, but these days art has overtaken the entire city. Buildings are covered in art, streets outside private cafes, and even entire neighbourhoods are resplendent in distinct and fascinating art styles. Kolkata is filled with street art that represents political or social commentary. But other than that, you can also find whimsical art styles, abstract and modern to traditional. Some people still view street art as vandalism, but art in public spaces adds character, reveals the cultural norms of the area, and makes it less dull. Several private organisations have been converting plain spaces into artistic dreamscapes.


Street art can totally transform the visual aesthetic of a space. These days, street art isn’t merely a tool for beautification; it is also used to get rid of dirty environments. Research has proven that street art in neighbourhoods creates a connection with people, and this attachment makes sure areas remain clean and tidy. It encourages people to pay more attention to their surroundings and be more mindful of themselves and others. Moreover, the presence of art has demonstrated that public art contributes to a sense of identity. Cities and communities are given individuality. But one of the most significant outcomes of public art is that it generates "community fingerprints"—areas that offer individuals a sense of ownership and belonging in their neighbourhoods, as well as a sense of representation and community. People can view their towns in a new, bright light thanks to street art.

In Kolkata, there’s no discrimination when it comes to street art. You’ll find street art on huge buildings and fancy establishments like cafes and offices, as well as on dilapidated walls in narrow lanes, old garage walls, and broken windows and doors. And that's not all. Kolkata has become renowned for art events like the Kolkata Arts Lane Festival by Art Rickshaw. Kolkata’s street art scene has evolved into something that is truly fascinating to behold. 

Here are a few that we discovered all over the city that you might like: 

Street art at Hindustan Park 

Art Cafe

Pujo-themed tram Tollygunge tram depot

Uttorer Adda I. Deshbandhu Park

Satyajit Ray Mural in Rabindra Sarobar

Newtown Subway

Abol Tabol World: Hatibagan Nabeen Palli

These are just a few examples of Kolkata’s street art. There's art all over the city, several of which can be found at Jadavpur University and Presidency College, where students have let their creativity flow. Kolkata’s street art scene is so intriguing that you must devote several days to discovering all of it in the lanes and alleys of this artistic city. Do you have any favourites that you love?

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