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Know Your Kidney, the all-purpose app for your kidney health - GetBengal story

9 May, 2024 10:49:15
Know Your Kidney, the all-purpose app for your kidney health - GetBengal story

The masterminds of the project

Access to reliable clinical information is essential when managing chronic conditions such as various kinds of kidney ailments.

The ‘Know Your Kidney’ app for android users (yet to be launched in iOS), created by Dr Smartya Pulai (consultant nephrologist & transplant physician, Manipal-AMRI Group of Hospitals, Kolkata & asst prof, Dept of Nephrology, KPC Medical College, Kolkata) in association with Dr Jamshed Anwer (consultant nephrologist & transplant physician, Paras Hospital, Patna), is a ray of hope for individuals seeking accurate guidance and support when it comes to kidney health

(Left) Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra, Ex DME of West Bengal delivering a speech at the app launch event. (Right) Dr Satyabrata Pulai, Consultant Neurologist (Belle Vue Clinic) felicitating Dr Somnath Chatterjee, Director of Suraksha Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

In an exclusive question-answer session, Dr Pulai shares information on the app’s genesis, its features, and prospects. Excerpts:

Why did you create the ‘Know Your Kidney’ app?

We felt the need for early kidney disease identification and symptom recognition. Sometimes, kidney diseases come silently, leading to delayed diagnosis and adverse outcomes. Our app bridges this gap by enabling users to detect the symptoms, access relevant information, and consult nephrologists promptly.

Scan the QR code to download the app from your Play Store

How can the app help your patients understand kidney health better?

A key feature of the app is its interactive platform, allowing users to chat with nephrology experts and seek guidance on kidney-related queries. Additionally, the ‘Maintain Your Report’ segment enables users to store medical reports securely, facilitating seamless communication with healthcare providers, and avoiding misplacement of essential documents. 


What are the commonest kidney ailments that it can detect?

The app has a comprehensive approach, which addresses every facet of kidney health, from managing kidney stones to providing assistance during dialysis. We aim to provide holistic support to individuals at every stage of their kidney journey.

Dr Smartya Pulai and Dr Jamshed Anwer

Would you like to see any extra features or tools added to the app to better assist you in your practice?

Going forward, we hope to expand the app’s user base by including regional languages and enlisting nephrologists from various states. We recognise difficulties encountered in some areas – for example, compatibility problems in Bangladesh -- and are formulating strategies to deal with them, such as improved scanning capabilities for medical records and email registration choices. 

Know Your Kidney app on Play Store

Have you encountered any other challenges with the app?

Marketing is a major obstacle to expanding our user base, even taking the app’s transformative potential into account. As of now, many remain unaware of the app’s existence, so there is a critical need for awareness efforts to increase the app’s influence and perhaps save lives. Awareness generation on social media is much required too. 

The 'Know Your Kidney' team

How likely are you to recommend the app to your colleagues in the medical field?

‘Know Your Kidney’ is a ray of hope in the field of nephrology, empowering patients to take charge of their kidney health. Our vision for the future reflects a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and pursuit of excellence in kidney care. ‘Know Your Kidney’ has the full potential to completely transform kidney-related treatment methods based on cooperation and use of new technology.

Click to download the app from your Play Store:

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