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Bengal through a traveller's eyes

Sayani Chakrabarty's stunning depiction of nature

4 July, 2020

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Sayani Chakrabarty

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An impulsive traveller, or should we say a wanderer at heart, this photography series by Sayani Chakrabarty showcases the deep connect she yearns to have with nature. These sudden un-planned travels have taken her across Bengal, from Purulia to Jhargram, to Nasibpur and Nurpur, filling up her senses with the unknown wonders of nature. She never thought she would witness a fire on the mountain, the play of clouds on the meandering Teesta River or the way Matla River flows during monsoon. Each frame tells us a story and is a standalone testimony of her deep connect with nature; the moments she cherished while capturing them on her camera.

This stunning series of Bengal’s natural splendour comes alive through Sayani’s lens.

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