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Kolkata’s Markets --- where varieties meet mayhem

Behind ace photographer Kushal Gangopadhyay’s lens

15 February, 2020

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Kushal Gangopadhyay

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Kolkata’s markets are not just about buying and selling, or about trade relations where money changes hands, but goes deeper in the veins of this bustling ancient city of the world. Any old city has a vibrant marketplace. Kolkata has many such meeting points, where everyday thousands of people meet and exchange goods as well as thoughts and tales. Other than the usual markets where goods are bought and sold, Kolkata has some of the most unique market concepts. From morning milk markets to niche clock markets, from flower markets to auction houses, from markets where only books are sold to century old markets where artworks are displayed, Kolkata’s love affair with its markets are on a different plane.

The mayhem, vibrancy and colours of Kolkata’s varied marketplaces have been captured behind the lens of ace photographer Kushal Gangopadhayay in this monochrome photo-essay. Enjoy with all your senses!

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