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Each Sleeping Face has a Story to Tell – Rasel Rony’s photographs script Sleeping Tales

Behind the lens of Bangladesh’s ace photographer

14 July, 2020



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It’s time to rest. And it’s also time for the world to wake up to an enlightened dawn. Without sleep, awakenings never happen. They come hand in hand just like joys and sorrows. Every time we sleep and get into the world of the sub-conscious, do we ever wonder if we shall wake up the next morning? And as every break of dawn, scripts new tales, new struggles, hard work, difficult times, love, dreams of paradise, we never remember how we slept the last night or had a nap during the day. Our muscles needed to tweak under the haven of rest. Sleep comes in different forms. Have you ever watched people sleeping? That’s what ace photographer Rasel Rony from Bangladesh did. He watched people sleeping and tried capturing behind his lens the varied postures and feelings reflected on faces as they sleep. From the peaceful demeanor of a baby sleeping to the tired face of a child labourer in his ramshackle shop, each sleeping face has a story to tell. That’s what gets reflected in this series aptly named as ‘Ghoom.

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