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Suranjana Mitra



Soumitro Chatterjee lives on: Exclusive interview with his daughter

Chatterjee was a prodigy and a legacy to be taken forward by the coming generations

Sri Aurobindo Pathamandir: a historical gem unknown by most

A quaint library located at the heart of Kolkata, a tour inside Sri Aurobindo Pathamandir can be a treat for the bookworms

Rani Rashmoni’s iconic Janbazar house finally acquires heritage status

The historically significant Janbazar house of Rani Rashmoni, which has been a witness of several important contemporary events, finally recognised as a heritage building

What’s selling this Diwali?

Traditions have not been forgotten; they have just been modernised

Remembering poet Nishikanto Roychowdhury

Not only a poet but Roychowdhury was a lyricist as well

Is the traditional art of 'Lakshmi shara' vanishing?

A traditional practise that is endangered today is worshipping Maa Lakshmi on a shara